My name is Jennifer Parry

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I’m on a mission to  fund a cure for Glioblastoma multiforme; the most aggressive form of brain cancer. GBM is a notorious killer of men, women and children – it even had me in it’s jaws – but I managed to escape and now it’s my turn to bite back! Read about my cancer journey by clicking on the About tab.

This is my fundraising blog where everyone will be able to track the awesome stuff I’m doing to raise money for a cure. All of the money I raise will go directly to QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.




14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very proud of you baby. You’re an inspiration to me and thank you for having such a strong will to overcome these obstacles. Love you very much

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  2. Hi Jennifer, so proud of you girl..we are cheering you on. Hoping all is going well and you are enjoying the journey. You are one in a million and such an inspiration…take care. Leanne 😊🌟🌙☀️🌹

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  3. Hi Jen, it was so lovely to meet you at last, had heard a lot about your health journey and your determination to do your dream walk, thinking of you every day, sending lots of love Jen, Linda Tansey xo

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  4. Hey Jenny, hope all went well for your 385km hike, hopefully you arrived in Toowoomba today, what an inspiration you are, proud of you for doing this and look forward to hearing all about it in your next letter 🙂 love your blog page, well done 🙂 Love Hayley & Family xx

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  5. Heya Jen. Great to see you made it to towoomba safe and sound. So proud of you. You dropped into to nanango bakehouse, i offered to donate a painting. When you get settled i am still happy to donate. Again great job xo


    • Hi Theresa,

      Nice to hear from you! I was only thinking of you yesterday. It’s good to get home! I will be in touch re the painting that you generously offered to donate. I told a lot of people about how great the bakery was and how lovely you and the staff were 🙂

      Thanks again!


  6. Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your diary for the last two days – what an adventure!! WOW. CONGRATS on finishing the hike – you did it girl, woo-hoo!! Looking forward to your next letter.
    Hugs, Claudi from Germany

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    • Hi Claudi,

      Thankyou! I just changed your GBM to hike…I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t end up calling it that in the end. I sent you a letter two days ago, but it is coming in two envelopes because it was cheaper to send it like that. Crazy :-/ Thanks heaps for your comment. XX


    • I feel so sorry for you. You created the situation you’ve got out of thin air. What a waste of awesome human potential to behave in such a way. Not just you, but the other people involved. I feel sorry for all of them. You have some strange ideas, I’ll give you that and unfortunately for you those ideas have landed you upside down in a land that you never knew existed. You might recall in my interview that I told you that I was a resilience expert. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get upset when I get sad, scared, angry or threatened, it means that I bounce back almost immediately after whatever it is that put me off kilter has been dealt with, which is why I feel sorry for you. You tried to upset me and probably thought you would make things hard for me, but all that’s happened is that you made me feel sorry for you. The thing that you don’t understand about me – I don’t actually care about money. You thought you knew about me and thought I was fixated on money. It was NEVER about the money, but you just wouldn’t or couldn’t hear me when I tried to explain that to you. It was about what’s right, not just for me, but for everyone who works there and potentially every person who works for the same department in the entire state of Qld. I feel so sad that you’ve spent energy on something like this that could be better spent on delivering outcomes for which you are tasked with the responsibility of providing. I thank you for paying me $32 000 to learn some really awesome lessons about how to make my life even more amazing than it already was.You’ve done me a huge favour by giving me this opportunity and I will use it to my advantage in the same way I’ve used all the opportunities that Have come my way in a life that’s never been particularly easy. I’ve told everyone I know about the lessons I’ve learnt and they are all shocked to hear how I came to learn these, but they know what kind of person I am and they know that I am unbreakable.


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