The Interview and the Media Training


I did the interview and I think it went well! I should have realised that there is an app for ABC Radio that allows anyone to listen anywhere. Oh well….I’ve contacted them to see if there will be a podcast, but they don’t know yet. If there is I will provide a link. We just talked about my own diagnosis of brain cancer and how that affected me, why I’m doing the walk, how did I organise it, where I will camp, what I will eat and what will happen when I get to Toowoomba. I couldn’t provide definitive answers for everything, but I think I managed to avoid saying “ummm, dunno?”

Anna and Siobhan from QIMR Berghofer listened to the interview and Anna sent me a nice email to say that it was really well done. It’s hard to know when you’re in the moment doing it, so it was nice to hear that they liked it.

Media Training

Siobhan from QIMR Berghofer and I chatted yesterday about interacting with the media. These are some of the points we discussed:

  • An interview of this nature is a conversation between two people who are happy to talk to each other
  • It’s a good idea to know the key points you want to get across in your interview (for me it was mentioning the blog and mentioning the good work QIMR Berghofer is doing in the field of brain cancer research) and you may want to practise with questions and answers prior to the interview
  • If the interview goes in a direction you don’t want it to, you have scope to move it along and talk about something else. It’s important to remember that you are helping them out by providing them with your time to talk about something of interest to their audience




Radio Interview

My first radio interview about the hike will be 10.10am on Wednesday 29th of June. I will be talking to the Morning Show presenter Belinda Sanders on ABC radio Southern Qld. We will talk about the organisational aspect of the hike – gear, food and other preparations.

I must admit, doing something of this nature doesn’t exactly leave me jumping for joy, but it’s a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and expand my existence 🙂


Getting Ready for The Mt Perry Truck Pull

I’m having a fundraising stall at the Mt Perry Truck Pull on the 13th of August (see the flyer on the sidebar), so I’ve been thinking about cool stuff I can do to raise money on the day. I’ve come up with these so far:

  • Rolling cent sale: three prizes worth at least $20 each up for grabs at once. You buy three tickets for $1. You can put tickets in the boxes in front of each prize you would like to win. For example, one ticket in each box, or all tickets in one box. Prizes are drawn every hour on the hour, which means there will be five draws throughout the day. The only condition is that to win a prize you must be present to collect it or it will be redrawn.
  • Large raffle: A wheelbarrow full of cool prizes. Tickets $2 each or 6 for $10. Drawn when proceeds reach an amount yet to be decided (may or may not be on the day).
  • Two small raffles: Two raffles to be drawn on the day. Tickets $1 each or 6 for $5.
  • Hundreds board: One of my lovely friends will help me circulate the crowd selling tickets in a hundreds board: you choose the number/s you want for $2 each and when all the 100 squares are sold I will pull one of the numbers out of a barrel and the person who purchased that number wins $100 cash.
  • Guess the weight of the hiking pack: People can have a guess of the weight of the pack (packed up with all my gear) that I’ll be carrying on my 385km hike. Fifty cents a guess. Who guesses closest to the right weight wins.  Prize will hopefully be a giftcard for an Australia-wide outdoors store.

If anyone has anymore ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! If you can help me out of even donate something to raffle; small or large, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. It really means a lot.

Komatsu Prize
Prize for one of the $1 raffles. Kindly donated by Evolution Mining (Mt Rawdon Operations

More awesome donations

Yesterday, Robbie from Apex Biggenden contacted me to say he had a cheque from the trivia night for $300 for me. Yay!

Blog trivia night

Almost straight after that I received an email from Sarah at  DJ Steel & Concrete to say that the staff had raised $260, which was matched by the business owners for a total of $520! How cool is that 🙂 Thankyou all so much 🙂

This brings the running total to : $2913

UPDATE: Just received notification that a cheque for $500 is coming my way from a very generous couple 🙂 Thankyou!

This brings the running total to : $3413




First blog post

Awesome! I created a blog. It was just as hard as I thought it would be! Next I will tackle Facebook, then Twitter and if I’m feeling especially grandiose I might even do Instagram. Oooh. So really, now that I’m all that, walking 385km to help fund a cure for cancer will be a piece of cake.

So far I’ve managed to raise $665 on my Everydayhero page, $956 at the Mount Perry Golf Day, $202 at the Mount Perry Show and $270 from other donations, which is a total of $2093. How cool is that! Plus, I’m just waiting to hear how much Apex raised for me at the recent trivia night in Biggenden. Those guys are really just the coolest.

I’ve just sent off a media release document to the ABC radio in Bundy and Toowoomba, so you might hear my voice on the radio soon. My friend Shirley Cameron-Smith  was behind that idea and gave me the contacts for various media outlets in the area.

People all around me have been so generous and willing to help, it’s been a really heartwarming experience and I can’t wait to see what happens next.