First blog post

Awesome! I created a blog. It was just as hard as I thought it would be! Next I will tackle Facebook, then Twitter and if I’m feeling especially grandiose I might even do Instagram. Oooh. So really, now that I’m all that, walking 385km to help fund a cure for cancer will be a piece of cake.

So far I’ve managed to raise $665 on my Everydayhero page, $956 at the Mount Perry Golf Day, $202 at the Mount Perry Show and $270 from other donations, which is a total of $2093. How cool is that! Plus, I’m just waiting to hear how much Apex raised for me at the recent trivia night in Biggenden. Those guys are really just the coolest.

I’ve just sent off a media release document to the ABC radio in Bundy and Toowoomba, so you might hear my voice on the radio soon. My friend Shirley Cameron-Smith  was behind that idea and gave me the contacts for various media outlets in the area.

People all around me have been so generous and willing to help, it’s been a really heartwarming experience and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Yeah, I should try him cos that’s Australia wide…Just had a call from ABC Southern Qld. They are doing an interview on the 29th of June. It’s live to air, so I hope I don’t say anything stupid!


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