Getting Ready for The Mt Perry Truck Pull

I’m having a fundraising stall at the Mt Perry Truck Pull on the 13th of August (see the flyer on the sidebar), so I’ve been thinking about cool stuff I can do to raise money on the day. I’ve come up with these so far:

  • Rolling cent sale: three prizes worth at least $20 each up for grabs at once. You buy three tickets for $1. You can put tickets in the boxes in front of each prize you would like to win. For example, one ticket in each box, or all tickets in one box. Prizes are drawn every hour on the hour, which means there will be five draws throughout the day. The only condition is that to win a prize you must be present to collect it or it will be redrawn.
  • Large raffle: A wheelbarrow full of cool prizes. Tickets $2 each or 6 for $10. Drawn when proceeds reach an amount yet to be decided (may or may not be on the day).
  • Two small raffles: Two raffles to be drawn on the day. Tickets $1 each or 6 for $5.
  • Hundreds board: One of my lovely friends will help me circulate the crowd selling tickets in a hundreds board: you choose the number/s you want for $2 each and when all the 100 squares are sold I will pull one of the numbers out of a barrel and the person who purchased that number wins $100 cash.
  • Guess the weight of the hiking pack: People can have a guess of the weight of the pack (packed up with all my gear) that I’ll be carrying on my 385km hike. Fifty cents a guess. Who guesses closest to the right weight wins.  Prize will hopefully be a giftcard for an Australia-wide outdoors store.

If anyone has anymore ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! If you can help me out of even donate something to raffle; small or large, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. It really means a lot.

Komatsu Prize
Prize for one of the $1 raffles. Kindly donated by Evolution Mining (Mt Rawdon Operations

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