The Interview and the Media Training


I did the interview and I think it went well! I should have realised that there is an app for ABC Radio that allows anyone to listen anywhere. Oh well….I’ve contacted them to see if there will be a podcast, but they don’t know yet. If there is I will provide a link. We just talked about my own diagnosis of brain cancer and how that affected me, why I’m doing the walk, how did I organise it, where I will camp, what I will eat and what will happen when I get to Toowoomba. I couldn’t provide definitive answers for everything, but I think I managed to avoid saying “ummm, dunno?”

Anna and Siobhan from QIMR Berghofer listened to the interview and Anna sent me a nice email to say that it was really well done. It’s hard to know when you’re in the moment doing it, so it was nice to hear that they liked it.

Media Training

Siobhan from QIMR Berghofer and I chatted yesterday about interacting with the media. These are some of the points we discussed:

  • An interview of this nature is a conversation between two people who are happy to talk to each other
  • It’s a good idea to know the key points you want to get across in your interview (for me it was mentioning the blog and mentioning the good work QIMR Berghofer is doing in the field of brain cancer research) and you may want to practise with questions and answers prior to the interview
  • If the interview goes in a direction you don’t want it to, you have scope to move it along and talk about something else. It’s important to remember that you are helping them out by providing them with your time to talk about something of interest to their audience




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