Waypointing campsites – First attempt

On the 1st of July I set out to drive to Toowoomba to mark all the campsites on my handheld GPS. I only made it to Kingaroy!

It took a bit longer than I thought it would because even though I’d calculated the legs of the journey, the campsites didn’t exactly match up with my calculations, so I had to kind of wing it once I was on the road. Sometimes there wasn’t anywhere that I deemed to be safe enough for a campsite, so I had to double back to find somewhere suitable. Also, argh, I drove all the way to Gayndah at the A3 crossroads when I was meant to turn left. My bad! I suppose it’s better to have done this in the car than on foot.

I went into the pubs at Goomeri and Murgon and under the extreme scrutiny of the locals I asked if the publican would be willing to put me up for free and they both said yes!  Cool :)Note: if you’ve never walked into a country pub on your own, it’s a great way to test how good you’re feeling about yourself at the time! I’m not joking when I say that literally everyone just stops what they are doing and stares right at you for what seems like a lifetime. I smiled broadly at all the barfies and said, “G’day fellas. How ya goin?” and that seemed to work because after that they got on with their drinking and pretty much ignored me. Plus, I was carrying a clipboard and a friend once told me that if you carry a clipboard you can go anywhere. I kept the clipboard mindset and everything worked out ok.

The ladies at the Driver Reviver at Wondai told me about a free camp in town, so I went and checked it out and there are hot showers! The publican at Wooroolin agreed to feed me and I can stay at the free travellers camp not far from the pub. It’s got hot showers too. Yippee!  Then at Kingaroy, my friend Shanny has organised for me to stay with a family friend. Because of the generosity of people I don’t even know, there are only 6 places that I have to camp on the side of road between Mt Perry and Kingaroy.

The main things I took into consideration when waypointing the campsites were access to water and if my tent would be visible from the road. Most of the water points are cattle troughs. I’ve got a Sawyer filter, so I can safely drink any water I come across. For bathing I have a collapsible bucket and some special camping soap made by Knorr Creations in Gin Gin.

I also had to consider roaming cattle. This was only a problem on the road between Mt Perry and Mingo crossing. I don’t want to get trampled in the middle of the night!  I overcame this by contacting a property owner and asking to camp in their house yard.

The adventure continues!



5 thoughts on “Waypointing campsites – First attempt

  1. Your post made me smile, especially the bit about the clipboard and yes it takes some guts to be a stranger walking into a country pub. Sounds like you handled it perfectly. Good idea to scope it all out first too.


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