Tragedy Strikes

I was just so happy this morning when I broke my stupid toe on the solar panels! I kicked a panel accidently because I was too involved in admiring how long my new jeans are. ‘Ooh,’ I said outloud. ‘I might even have to roll them up.’ This is something quite novel for a 6ft woman. The next thing I know, I’m going one way and my toe is going the other. ‘Oh joy,’ I said as I felt it break.  ‘This will be so helpful when I go on the hike. I’m really so very happy this happened.’ Then I did a little jig after which I rode to town on a unicorn along a road made of rainbows!

Don’t think for a second that a broken toe will stop me. It’s about 3 different shades of purple, but purple has always been my favourite colour. Besides, I’ve got 9 other toes that aren’t broken 😉

All of this on top of an ant bite on my upper thigh two days before. I’m allergic to ants and wasps, which is actually a good thing in light of the toe because the lump the size of my entire hand on my leg hurts way more than the toe, so averaging the pain out across both areas of tragedy means that neither of them hurt at all. See, problem solvered.


The Unicorn (because they’re magic, the horns don’t show up in photos)

6 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes

    • Thanks! It’s heaps better today….the insect bite on my leg, well, not so much. I was tossing up whether I should go to the hospital, but I decided to wait it out and hope that the antibiotics I got for it on Thursday start to kick in. I had to take my jeans off because it was too painful to wear them!

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  1. I just love your positivity in the face of adversity! I broke my little toe stubbing it on the fridge one day, it doesn’t take much to break those little suckers!


    • Thanks! I hope yours is ok now. Yeah, they just get in the way hey!

      This particular toe has been broken several times, so now it just snaps like a twig in a strong breeze. The first time I broke it I was about 10 years old. It got caught under a tree root that was growing across a beach track. Mum wouldn’t take me to the doctor even though we were directly across the road from our family doctor’s surgery when it happened. I love reminding her about it!


    • I know, argh! I had a bad reaction last year to a wasp and the doctor said that if it had stung me on my upper body I would have been in big trouble.

      The bite on my leg is horrendous 😦 I went to see the nurse at the medical centre in Mt Perry yesterday morning because it hurt so much and she sent me to the doctor in Gin Gin. I had to have all manner of tests and got some new medication. Yep! The doctor I saw last week had given me the wrong antibiotics. I go back to see the Gin Gin doctor on Thursday. He was rather good looking AND he smelled really nice! All was not lost 🙂


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