I’ve been going to a brain injury support group since I realised I had a brain injury back in 2009. The group is basically just a bunch of friends who get together to chat over coffee. Not everyone who goes along has had something go awry with their brains. Some are carers, some have lost people to stroke, head injury, cancers, etc.

Lots of my brain injury friends are living with disabilities and are no longer able to do the things they could before they were struck down. But some, like me, are lucky enough to still be able to do pretty much everything we could do in our old lives. Hey, I can’t remember anything, but so what! I write lists, which is fine…um… if I just can remember….. where I put that list….is this even the right list….. what day is it?  “Hi, I’m Dory, I have a short term memory problem.”

I went to the brain friends get together yesterday and the lovely lady who organises us all, Leeanne, arranged for me to give a talk about the hike I’m doing. I took my gear along and talked about how I will carry everything in my pack. I mentioned that I was hopeful that the mining company my husband (Ash) works for would donate a Spot device (personal emergency GPS tracker) and that maybe I might be able to get a new pack before I leave, but it wasn’t likely, so I would just suck it up and use the old one.

Afterwards one of my friends from the group came up and pushed $400 into my hand. “Here,” she said, “Buy that Spot device you were talking about.” I tried to refuse, telling her it was too much, but she was adamant. I really couldn’t believe it.

Leeanne had a competition running over the course of the morning as to who could guess how far it was from Mt Perry to Toowoomba. She asked everyone to donate a gold coin if they were able. There were about 20 people there and the jar had over $100 in it at the end of the morning, which was just so generous given that many of my friends are on disability pensions. The competition went to a tie-breaker because two people guessed the same and they were both the closest to the correct answer.  In the tie-breaker Royden beat David by guessing the closest amount to how much my Sawyer water filter is able to filter over its lifetime. He was way off, but still closer than David. Scott donated the prize, which his wife got from the pharmacy she works at. They also gave me a drink bottle 🙂

My friend Gordon gave me a $50 donation too and I also got $20 for raffle tickets for a raffle I’m holding at the Mt Perry Truckpull day. In all I raised $570 from one morning of hanging out with my friends! I was truly amazed at how generous they all were. It is so very heartwarming how kind people really are. The world is definitely full of good people.

After I left the get-together Ash rang. “The mine wants to buy you the pack you want.”  “What? But it’s $500!” I yelled. “They want to get it. We’ll talk about it when I get home, but they are buying it for you.” I couldn’t believe it. If you follow your heart’s intention, Providence will move a mountain here and there.












8 thoughts on “Providence

  1. Wow, what a blessing! For all the bad news the media reports it’s nice to know there is lots of good in the world too. And you make me laugh with your Dory comment, I don’t have a brain injury and I still can’t remember anything. The list is my best friend, I always have at least 3 on the go, lol!


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