The Food & Water Drop

Yesterday I drove the hike route to drop off my food caches and water bottles (the Hiking tab has more information and some photos of me preparing the food caches). I told myself it would be a quick trip and I’d be back at home by 4pm. I got home just before midnight. See, I make these little rules for myself, and I just can’t stick to them: don’t talk to people, just keep moving; no, that man doesn’t need you to comment on his shoes;  no, that little girl doesn’t want you to do a jig with her; no, that dog doesn’t need his tummy scratched…you get the picture. I can’t focus on anything, because everything is just so awesome that it absolutely needs my attention and all of it, right now!

Things started to crumble at the second drop at Tansey. I got talking to another charity hiker, Andrew. We had a cuppa and chatted for almost an hour. I knew I had to get moving, but it was so strange that he was the second charity walker I’d encountered in the space of 7 days, I couldn’t resist hearing his story. He had this trailer he had made himself to cart his supplies. He even had a little freezer full of meat! He and his dog Bella are walking from Brisbane to Broome to raise money for depression.

It was great to meet him and talk about the challenges of being on the road. He had nothing but good things to say about motorists, which is great news for me. Not so great were the expensive hiking boots he’d worn almost through in 100km! Lucky for him he had 8 backup pairs someone had donated. You have that luxury when you’ve got your own trailer. I wonder if he harnesses the dog up and gets her to help him pull it? I took this photo of him and his jallopie:






2 thoughts on “The Food & Water Drop

  1. Life is fascinating – most people forget that! Just keep on being you! Life is adventure so take your time and enjoy every moment, every encounter!


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