Goodbye For Now

Yesterday I had a fundraising stall at the Mt Perry Truck Pull. It was a great day and I got to talk to lots of people about what I’m doing. I took my tent, sleeping mat, backpack, stove, GPS tracker, and Helinox chair along so that people could see my gear and feel how heavy the backpack is. The backpack was a big hit! Lots of people had a go at lifting it up (I had it full of water bottles and bulky jackets) and they were all very surprised at how heavy it was. “You’re not really carrying all that are you?” was one comment. I nodded my head, then went on to explain that it will be even heavier than that when I leave. I packed it today and it’s 18kg. By the time I get going it will be around the 20kg mark. I wanted to keep it under 22kg, so I’m pretty happy with that.

I raised lots of money yesterday – a whopping $1311! I had raffles, took donations and sold donated items. The biggest amount came in the form of a cheque for $750 from the Evolution truck pull team. They came in 2nd and chose to donate their cash prize to me. I really wasn’t expecting that. What a great bunch of people!

My mum came for the day with my in-laws and my friend Freya brought her girls for a day out. One of her daughters won a skateboard from Red Frogs, which I imagine she would have been pretty happy about!

The diecast digger featured in an earlier post was won by a local lady Margaret M.

Tomorrow I head off. I will try to post brief updates when someone lets me use their computer. I might be able to check my email from time to time, so if anyone wants to email me: talulasweetie          at           gmail           dot               com         (you know how it’s meant to look).

I’ve had lots of lovely messages and cards from my friends and family. It really means a lot that people care about what I’m doing.

Everyone is invited to come and meet me when I get to Toowoomba on the 14th of September. I will be arriving at Café Valetta , 96 Margaret at approximately 12.30pm.

Thanks so much for all the support 🙂

Peace out





2 thoughts on “Goodbye For Now

  1. Hey, all the best and good luck Jen!!!!!! I will be thinking of you, any chance maybe Ash or someone could post an update? Well done and so proud of you! XXXX


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