Day 1 Mingo Station

“It is good to collect things, but it is better to go on walks.”

– Anatole France


Date 15th August 2016

This day I  didn’t camp out because I felt it wasn’t safe on this section of the road. There are lots of cattle wandering that aren’t particularly quiet and I didn’t want to get trampled in my sleep! Ash came and picked me up and dropped me back the next morning.

I left from Swindon Road at around 7.30am. I only had my small Roman pack with me, so it was pretty easy walking and I got to Mingo Station around 12.30pm even though I stopped to have smoko for 20 minutes on a log. I felt pretty good about myself for walking over 20km in under 5 hours. I thought that maybe I’d measured it wrong, but Ash clocked it on the trip meter and it was right.

I made a fire in a creek bed to make my lunch and have a cup of tea. Some people stopped to ask if I was ok and if I wanted a lift. Not long before that a car drove past and a sizeable rock flew up off the road and hit me straight in the guts! I wasn’t even that close to the road, nor was the car very big or really going that fast. Lesson number one!

While I was walking I saw some tenacious fungi growing straight through the bitumen and I noticed that when council linemarks the road, they just spray straight over anything that is in the way, like a cow pat, sticks and a dead toad. That made me laugh. The Lady Bumps also made me laugh.

mingo-stn-sign          Standing at the entry to Mingo Station

lunch-mingo-stnLunch in the creek bed

lady-bumpsIn the North Burnett bumps become lady bumps.


Tenacious fungus. These guys were everywhere! It was unbelievable that they could crack the bitumen open in their pursuit of life.

ash-signAsh’s sign





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