Day 5 The Roadside Pull-in

“We put one foot after the other, that’s how we get there, that’s how we get there.”

– Jennifer Parry

Date 19th August

Today was pretty good and I really feel like it wouldn’t be that hard at all if it weren’t for my feet hurting so much. Every step I take is like stepping into a bucket of boiling water. I’ve also got this weird boney lump that’s come up on my right shoulder. It’s not sore, but I hope it doesn’t stay like that because it looks really mongy!

I didn’t really sleep much last night. Bec and I talked until almost 11pm and I think that messed me up because I’ve been going to bed as early as 6.30pm.

Quite a lot of people beeped and waved at me today. Cindy pulled over and came and introduced herself to me. She’s Andrew’s partner: The guy I posted about during the food drop off who is doing the walk from Brisbane to Broome for depression. It was nice to meet her. Andrew must have told her about me otherwise she wouldn’t have known to look out for me. She was heading from Brisbane to meet up with him.

An older lady stopped at one point to  ask if I was alright.

The sides of the road suck! They’re all lumpy with tufts of grass and it’s really hard to walk on it. I think it’s all lovegrass too. It’s everywhere 😦

I had to cross my first “narrow” bridge. I looked at it for a while to decide the safest way to cross. I decided to get out my bright orange dry bag and hang it off my right side and stick to the left hand side of the road. I got across ok and I used the dry bag the whole way to Toowoomba as a high-vis flag.

I stopped at a creek to fill my water bottle, just in case the water drum I’d dropped off for myself at the next campsite had come to a fiery demise. The creek was really nice. I took some photos because I thought it was pretty even though it was full of alligator weed. While I was filtering the water a ute drove through the paddock. They were professional bee keepers according to the advertisement on the side of the ute, which I thought was pretty cool. I couldn’t see any crops, so I guess they were going to check hives in the bush somewhere.

I went to first pull in and walked around there because I thought it was the spot I’d marked as a campsite. I walked around for a while and got a bit worried when I couldn’t find the site and water drum I’d dropped off earlier. The GPS has some kind of weird attitude when it comes to direction and distance. I switched it on and off a couple of times and in the end it told me that the “real” campsite was actually another 900m away. I said thankyou in a very happy voice using words beginning with the letter f and few other words beginning with the letter c.

I found the campsite eventually and the water drum was intact, which was a relief.

campsite-sidingThis was one of the nicer campsites I had on the whole trip. The barbed wire fence is a great clothesline because you don’t need pegs; the clothes just hang on the barbs. This is actually how I hang my clothes out at home too.

getting-waterThe nice creek






4 thoughts on “Day 5 The Roadside Pull-in

  1. Wow that must’ve been a bit stressful not being able to find the water at first. Damn GPS! Funnily enough I just saw a story about Andrew’s walk in my Facebook feed, about 15 minutes before I saw your blog post 🙂


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