Day 12 Wooroolin free camp

“To walk is by a thought to go; to move in spirit to and fro; to mind the good we see; to taste the sweet; observing all the things we meet. How choice and rich they be.”
– Thomas Traherne

Date 26th August

I slept in until after 7.30am because I was so snuggly and warm in the morning instead of sweating my butt off in the sleeping bag. A council guy came to empty the bin and said there was actually a frost, which I guess is why I wasn’t sweating.

Dorothy made me coffee, but I didn’t get to drink it because it went cold while I was talking to the bin dude. She came out and talked to me while I was packing up. I didn’t tell her that the snoring coming from their van woke me up during the night! It was so bloody loud; much worse than Ash and they were a good 4m away from my tent.

Before I left a lady came up to me and wanted to give me a donation. She had to go back to the car to get money, so I got my authority letter out to show her. When she got back, she said she didn’t need to see it because her husband had seen me on TV. I told her it wasn’t me, but she was adamant. I don’t know how I got on TV. I think she had me mixed up with someone else. Who knows!

I walked the whole way along the rail trail today and got to Wooroolin at around 1.30pm, which was pretty good considering I didn’t leave Wondai until almost 11am. The council initially told me I wasn’t allowed to walk along the rail trail because it wasn’t finished, but I’d already decided that I was going to do it anyway. Besides, the bin dude said that there’s no reason why I can’t walk on it. People do it all the time even though it doesn’t officially open until the end of the year.

I was having another weird craving for plain milk, so I tried to buy some from the shop, but they didn’t have any small bottles. I didn’t think I could force my way through 2 litres, so I had to leave it. I thought I might go and check out the wetlands at the back of the free camp, but I asked a local and they said that the birdhide and boardwalk were actually underwater now, but it was still a good walk down the road. I decided I’d had enough of walking and didn’t go down there.

I had an early shower. For some reason the showers here are $2 when they were only $1 at Wondai. At least there are showers. It would be difficult to have a bucket wash at the free camp with nowhere to hide to do it!

I was worried that the people at the Wooroolin pub wouldn’t remember they’d said I could have a free meal, but they did. The publican, Shane, made a big deal out of me and sent a jug around for people to put money in and he donated a carton of beer for Lions to raffle for me. This pub gets the prize for being the friendliest out of all the pubs I visited on the entire trip!  I  met heaps of cool people and everyone was really interested in what I was doing. Most of them wanted me to go and stay at their house instead of camp in the free camp and the Lions man said I could come to his house and get some tank water in the morning.

Robyn, Shane’s partner, cooked my meal and it was really awesome. I also got desert. It was cheesecake! Shane made me cups of tea all night too (I don’t drink alcohol or soft drink).

Everyone was telling me how cold it was going to be, so I put 2 extra shirts on and I got too hot!


A cool old truck I saw along the way




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