Day 14 Kingaroy (rest day)

“Step onto the path and courage will find you.”

– Jennifer Parry

Date 28th August

May cooked me breaky and I couldn’t eat anything else all day until tea time. She is lovely lady who I can see would make me very fat given half the chance! I weighed myself this morning and I am down around 4kg from when I left Mt Perry.

I did washing, dried the tent and my boots, made a few phone calls and just kind of sat in one spot for several hours. It was pretty good 🙂

I did the 5km that I had to make up from yesterday, but it was probably more like 6km. I took the GPS with me to measure the distance, but it went flat. A magpie attacked me, but the GPS came in handy because I just held it on top of my head and it attacked that instead. It only swooped twice anyway.

I often wonder about people on bikes who have major freak outs about magpies attacking them. They put all of these zippy ties on their helmets so that they look like they are aliens trying to catch signals from their mother ships. I don’t think the ties are a physical deterrent to the magpies, it’s just that when these people pass through the magpies’ territories the birds have all fallen out of their trees laughing, so no one gets attacked. At one town on my hike I saw a lady on a bike with a helmet FULL of these zippy ties. I watched as a magpie swooped down on her. I expected her to increase her pedalling rate to exit the bird’s territory as quickly as possible, but no, she actually slowed the bike down and started waving her arm around above her head to shoo the bird away. She almost fell off the bike trying to “defend” herself. I just wondered why she didn’t ignore the bird and keep riding. She would have been out of its territory in a matter of seconds. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you’re wearing a helmet, why does it matter if a magpie attacks you?

It’s challenging being in someone’s home where the TV is on all the time. I’ve lived without a TV for some time now and the only TV I’ve seen in a very long time are a few snippets from bars in the pubs I’ve visited. The TV is basically a zombie machine; we watch it, we don’t question it and without us noticing, it shapes our experience of the world. It becomes a part of who we are, making us more like itself with every second of our lives that we waste watching it.

view-of-kingaroyView of Kingaroy from Mt Wooroolin


2 thoughts on “Day 14 Kingaroy (rest day)

  1. I’ve always wondered if those zippy tie things on the helmet work. Judging by your observations, maybe not. I saw someone on a bike getting swooped yesterday. I can’t help laughing at people getting swooped, even knowing how unpleasant it is, and I know there’s school kids around here who’ve had some nasty pecking injuries near their eyes.

    Agree totally about the tv. I can’t stand having it on all day just for the sake of it. I usually only have it on after dinner, although I’m almost always reading or writing then. I’d much rather listen to music. Even people talking on the radio irritates me after a while.


    • I know what you mean! I’m the same! The funniest people to watch being swooped are those that have never been swooped before, like tourists, but I try so hard not to laugh 🙂 My mum had a bad fall off her bike from being swooped and a kid I went to school with fell off her bike and smacked her head on a railway line. The birds that swoop face-side aren’t that common apparently, but they’re the most dangerous. One of my friends did her honors on magpies. Darryl Jones was the researcher. I think he wrote a couple of books about magpies.

      It’s funny how many people I talk to about the TV say, “Oh, I only watch it for the news.” Well, guess what – that is the worst possible reason to watch it all! You’d be better served by watching an episode of Sesame Street.

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