Day 16 Kingaroy…last day here

“These views may change if we all walk this way.”

– Xavier Rudd

Date 30th August

I was a bit early for the radio interview, so I went to the café down the street and ordered a coffee. The young guy at the counter was really cool:

“Trainee,” I said, “that’s a funny name.”

“Yes,” he replied, “my parents were cruel people.”

I got good mileage out of that and laughed to myself about it pretty much all day long.

He also called me ‘miss’ when my coffee was ready. That made me smile too.

I did the radio interview and it was really good 🙂 The announcer, Inga, was a nice person and she was easy to talk to. I told her how radio has shaped the person I’ve become and talked to her about how important Triple J was to me when I was having radiation and chemotherapy.  She told me the story of how she got into radio. It sounded to me like it was an uphill battle, but she said she loved her job. I felt like I could easily be friends with her in the ‘real world’.

After the interview May and I went and did some touristy things: Flo and Joh’s place, the museum and the op shop. I wanted to go to the lavender farm, but when we got out there, it was closed 😦 There was a fibreglass horse out the front and it had a big hole in its face. I’m not sure what it had to do with lavender, but it gave me a bit of a laugh.

I got a call from a radio announcer while I was out and about. I think Inga told him about me. We did an over-the-phone interview and everyone I came across after that said to me, “ohhh, you’re the walker! I heard you on the radio!”

Banjo cute.jpg

A nice little baby.

No hole in the face and no lavender. He’s not made of fibreglass either.

I love him.


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