Day 21 Cooyar

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.”

– W.H. Davies

Date 4th September

The road was good today and I really enjoyed the walk. It was great to get away from the nonexistant shoulders and cliff-like drop-offs. A few trucks and a couple of cars beeped at me.

Walking past the big pine forests put me in a good frame of mind 🙂  I really liked walking down the range because there was plenty of space to walk and the cars had to slow right down to navigate the bends. The view was pretty cool too and I felt like the road and I had reached an agreement.

I tried watching people, especially on the range to see if they looked at me. Scarily, hardly any of them did. I don’t think most of them saw me.

I felt much better today and told myself that I wasn’t going to say, “I want to go home”. I thought about that feeling and I reckon it’s coming from staying at pubs. I was more comfortable last night in my tent. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the generosity of the pubs at all, it’s just that I like being in the tent. I’m by myself, doing my own thing, not wondering about what will happen next. There are also no drunk idiots to deal with. I guess it just seems easier to be by myself, which is how I’ve ended up out here in the middle of nowhere all alone.

😦   I stayed at Cooyar, then I left. End of story   😦


This place wasn’t at Cooyar because I didn’t take any photos there for various reasons. I think it might be near Tansey? It looks like a Cousin It house. I’d really love to go inside and have a look.



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