Day 22 Thornville Church

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

– Khalil Gibran

Date 5th September

As I was leaving a man stopped in a ute and said something particularly stupid about me wearing a tshirt and that it would be safer if I put my flannelette shirt back on (he’d seen me the day before and thought I was a man). Somehow boobs put people in harms way apparently. Ugh.

I wasn’t in a particularly good mood today. A few things happened that made me a bit cranky, including the guy insinuating that my boobs are a hazard,  so I yelled out loud about the crappy things as I walked down the highway.

A few trucks beeped and a green Pajero did a massive beeping and waving thing. That made me feel heaps better.

At least the church is really cool and Leeanne from the Bundaberg brain injury group is meant to be calling in to see me on her way home from Toowoomba.

Not long after I’d set the tent up a car pulled up out the front. I went over and it was Ian, Lorraine’s (from Mangan Gully) cousin’s husband. She’d called ahead of me to let him and his wife know I would be stopping there. I told him what I was doing and he was genuinely interested in what I said. He told me his grandfather had donated the land for the church and that there used to be a tennis court there and they had bazaars (like markets I guess) all the time. I showed him a geocache hanging on the front fence and explained what it was.

He was a really nice man and went back up to his house, which was up the hill behind the church, to get me a donation. He said I could come up for a shower later on, but it was about 800 metres away and I just didn’t feel like walking any further.

I was feeling kind of crappy, but I felt much better after talking to Ian. He said that he’d call Lorraine to let her know I was ok. She’d called earlier and left a message on my phone. There was hardly any service at the church.

Ian’s wife, Lorelle stopped in a bit later to  say hi.  She was really nice. She said she would go and get me a donation, but I told her that she didn’t need to because Ian had already given me one.

I was really hoping that they might ask me to come for dinner because I was starving and didn’t fancy any of the dried crap I had with me. They didn’t, but oh well. Maybe Leeanne will have something, I thought.

Leeanne, her husband Graham and daughter Elizabeth stopped in and it was really good to see them 🙂 They stayed for around 20 minutes. I was hopeful that they might have something really yummy to eat, but they didn’t. They did give me a can of lemonade, which was nice and cold. Graham noticed two tawny frogmouth owls roosting in a tree above my tent. I also saw a bandicoot after it got dark.

I’m almost 100% certain that it’s the pubs making me want to go home. I didn’t feel like that at all yesterday, but today I do again.

I had to wait until it was dark to have a shower under the tank at the back of the church. There was a neighbour closeby and the tank is in full view of his house. It was freezing by the time it got dark and It took bloody ages to get warm after the shower. I had to put extra socks on because my feet just wouldn’t warm up in the sleeping bag. In the middle of the night my feet started killing me because the socks were squashing my already-smooshed-up toes. I would never have thought that socks could make your feet hurt so much! I think it was because I was too lazy to take the big socks off before I put the little ones on. It’s just such a pain to do anything inside the tent. There’s no room to move, not even to sit up.

I was also starving hungry when I woke up and I started thinking about all the nice things that I wanted to eat. It didn’t really help!

campsite-thornvilleCampsite at Thornville Church. I really liked this spot.





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