Day 25 Pinelands Hall

“There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey.”

– Jim England

Date 8th September

Today was pretty easy. It was only 7km or so, but I didn’t get much sleep, so I’m pretty tired.

It would have been good to reduce the distances prior to this so that it wasn’t so hard in the start and these final distances weren’t so short, but the North and South Burnett regions were just too remote to accommodate that when I started out. Plus I told everyone the wrong arrival date, which is why I’ve had to stretch it out at the end. Annoying!

A journalist rang while I was on the road. He said his name was Miles and that he’d like to do a story when I get to Crows Nest. I said I would ring him when I got there. My friends Josh and Sam also rang to see how I was doing. It’s been great to know that they care about me so much. It would be good if other people who are meant to care about me, but clearly don’t, could take a leaf out of the book written by Josh and Sam.

I was really hoping that this hall wasn’t full of mice and rats like Tansey. It wasn’t, but there are murder-dungeon toilets, which I think is much worse. They are on both sides of the stage. I went to go to the toilet, opened the door, looked down the steps and said, “well, you can shove that where the sun don’t shine. There’s no way I’m going down there!” It was something out of a Stephen King story; the stairs went down into a grey brick room with no windows. There was a cement floor and a single weak light on the ceiling. Immediately I thought of the kill-floor in an abattoir.  From the top of the stairs it was impossible to see what kinds of monsters and murderers were waiting around the corner with axes and fangs poised ready to rip, tear and basically spill my blood everywhere….thankfully, there were disabled toilets on the top level and I didn’t need to brave the underworld to do a wee. But, the creatures of the night sat salivating over my sleeping form just behind the doors all night long. I imagined I could see their gnarled fingers curled around the door frames and their hot breath steaming up the air because I couldn’t lock or even close the doors properly. Eeek!

It took a while to work out how to turn the lights on. There was a massive switchboard up in the back of the stage and even though some of the switches had stuff written on them, I couldn’t work out how to turn the lights on in in the disabled toilet. I spent ages working it out by following the wiring in the ceiling, running back, flicking a switch, then running back to the toilet to see if it was the right one, then running back and doing the same thing over and over again until I got it right. I also turned the pumps on so I had water for the kitchen and for the toilet. I was thankful at this spot that I’m a country-gal; how else would I know how to turn a pump on to get water coming out of the taps, or even which pump does what?

I really wish I had some chocolate. I’d left a food cache here, so at least I had a chocolate snackpack, but I really wanted some actual chocolate. I tried to read this terrible romance novel (I don’t read romance, but thought the hike would be a good opportunity to expand my appreciation of the genre. I was wrong), but I couldn’t. It was the worst book of all time and I ended up just flipping through it to find the sex scenes, but there weren’t any! I wondered what I was going to do without a book to read. There wouldn’t be anymore books now because this was my last cache before Toowoomba. Poo bum wee 😦


Pinelands Hall


Inside the hall.

There were all these plastic flags hanging from the ceiling! It was pretty cool. You can see the murder-dungeon-toilets. This was the only place in the entire hall for me to put my bed. The rest of the walls all had stuff up against them.



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