Day 26 Crows Nest

“Let this be a lesson to us all, said the preacher. You will be walking someday in the dark and the truth will come shining through, and behind you will be a life that you never want to see again.”

– Colum McCann

Date 9th September

I couldn’t leave early because it wasn’t far to walk and I didn’t want to arrive before lunch and look like a dick, so I hung around the hall for a while trying to polish the stainless steel bench in the kitchen. I was tempted to go down into one of the murder-dungeons out of morbid curiosity, but the voice of reason (read: panic) told me that no, going down there would be unnecessary at this point. Besides, I didn’t have my good clobber with me and didn’t want Hades to think I was a dag.

I really wanted to get up on the stage and sing to the empty hall, so that’s what I did! It was awesome. I have the worst voice of all time, but in that big old hall it sounded halfway decent. I really love singing. It seems unfair that I’m so bad at it. I used to go to church when I was younger just so I could sing in public and get away with it. I do wonder how society would react if I burst into song instead of supressing the insane urge I often get when I’m a shopping centre, the main street of town, a pub or somewhere else that is tightly governed by social norms. Is it possible to get arrested for singing?

Today was an ok walk, but it was all up hill and it rained. Not much, but enough that the grass was saturated and my boots and the bottoms of my jeans got soaked.

Amy at the Grand Old Crow Hotel had agreed to give me a room for free and everyone at the pub was really welcoming when I arrived. The pub is so clean! It’s a really nice place 🙂

Miles, the journo who rang me yesterday, came and did the interview. He’s a cancer survivor too, so we had a bit in common. I really liked him. He wrote everything down longhand, rather than record it on a device like every other journalist I’ve talked to. He took some photos of Amy and I with my backpack inside the pub, which were later published in a newspaper.

I went to the IGA and bought 2 apples, 2 bananas, a punnet of strawberries, chocolate and a bottle of milk. I ate all of it and I’m still starving! I also got a book from the op shop for $1; Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. I really like his writing.

I had a look at all the other shops too. The café has Canadian pancakes! I’m going there for breakfast tomorrow morning because that’s exactly what I’ve been dreaming about for the whole walk. It’s going to be awesome!

At the shoe shop the owner (Carole) and I got talking about cancer and she gave me a pair of handmade gloves. I really like them 🙂 She told me her sister died from breast cancer when she was only 42. One of her very good friends was having treatment for breast cancer at the moment. She was really worried about her. I really liked Carole. I gave her a hug when I left.

When I was in the art/craft shop, which is bloody awesome by the way, Lorraine from Mangan Gully rang me to see how I was. What a nice person she is!

Back at the pub, Amy had organised a meat tray raffle for me and I got $155, which is really awesome. She also gave me a meal for free that night. Her son had brain cancer too.

What will be next? I don’t know. Will something follow, arrive, fall in my lap? Will I turn a corner and there is the red carpet of my destiny? I doubt it. It hasn’t ever presented itself this way before, so why now…because after this you’ll be new. A new version, like a rebirth, a reinvention, a re-creation. All of the old will be swept aside and it will be spring:

“And in the spring, I shed my skin and it blows away with the changing wind.”



I didn’t take any photos today! I just totally forgot about it, so here’s one of  the Grand Old Crow courtesy of someone called Thanks Deb, whoever you are 🙂


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