Day 28 Hampton. Kerri’s house again

“what you do every day is what forms your mind and precious few of us can or would spend most days outdoors.”  

– Bill McKibben

Date 11th September

Kerri invited me to stay again. She said she could drop me off the next day at the point where Graeme would pick us up later at Geham (We were walking together today). I had originally planned to camp not too far from the school there. I wasn’t too excited about that particular spot, so I thought staying indoors again would be a good idea.

It was nice walking with someone else, although I did worry about Kerri on the road. I felt like I knew the road in some kind of intimate way, which wouldn’t be available to Kerri simply because the intimacy the road and I shared had taken a long time to grow in. We walked where we could in the pine forest and I thought how great it would be to be able to ride a horse through all those trees.

A man with a trailer load of stumps stopped to ask if we wanted a lift. He was from Nanango. I told him what we were doing and he said he’d had his eye socket cut out because of cancer from asbestos. Asbestos had gone into his eye when he was a builder in his younger days. He took off his glasses and showed us what it looked like. Immediately the image of Mr Benjamin Ram from the Brer Rabbit story came to mind! He gave me a handful of change as a donation.

A few cars beeped and I did a bit of a salute to a few bikies.

That night we had pizza for dinner and it was hard not to eat too much!

Even though it was great being at Kerri’s house, I felt very strongly that I really wanted to go home.


Kerri and I on the verandah of the Hampton tourist information centre. We called in to say hi to the volunteers.


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