Day 31 The Official Arrival

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another”

– John Dewey

Date 14th September

It was hard to get the timing right for the arrival. I had to sit around the corner up the hill from the café for a while before I was allowed to come down the hill. I think they were waiting for TV crews and other people to get there. In the end I rang Ash and said, “I’m not sitting here anymore, I’m coming now.” So I did.

I could see everyone off in the in the distance as I walked past a lady near a little boy who was pushing a stroller. The TV cameras were pointed in my direction and I thought that the little boy pushing the stroller would probably end up on TV too. The next thing I knew, the stroller was out of control, racing down the hill and the boy couldn’t stop it. It swerved from side to side, all the while picking up speed until it crashed into a big tree, upending the contents and the little boy onto the footpath. That’s all on camera I thought.

I expected the baby to be in a bit of trouble considering the stroller was upside down, but as I approached, the lady I’d walked past came up with a smile on her face and said, “Don’t worry, he does this everyday. That’s why the baby isn’t in the stroller.” I didn’t notice when I walked past her earlier that she was carrying a baby.

“Are you ok?” I asked the little boy who was rolling around on the ground.

“Yeah!” he shouted as he jumped up and ran off laughing and skipping.

“He’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” his mum said as she smiled at me.

I felt like a bit of knob walking down the hill towards all these people ringing bells and making all kinds of noise, but they made me do it a couple of times again after that to get it right for the cameras and then I felt like an even bigger knob!

Anna and Paul from the QIMR Berghofer had arranged a nice morning tea for me and the other people who were there to greet me. Ash and Pat were there and Jim from Glenaven. Clive Berghofer came too and the Mayor of Toowoomba, Paul Antonio. Some ladies from the Toowoomba Zonta club were there and my friend Leeanne from Bundaberg had put the word out to her church group and a few ladies from her network came along to say hi.

I did some interviews with the TV people and more interviews with newspapers and a radio DJ called Crazy Kev. It was hard to find a spare second to grab something to eat.

Anna gave me a Team Eureka tshirt and a commemorative book about the QIMR Berghofer that a lot of staff had signed. It was really nice 🙂

Eventually everyone left and so did Ash and I.

One kindness informs another and I have a good life



Clive Berghofer on left, me in the middle (obviously!), Anna and Paul from QIMR Berghofer on right. I’m not sure who the lady in black is? Photo courtesy of Anna Welch.


Clive, me and Ash. Ash isn’t really that short, he’s standing downhill 🙂 Photo courtesy of Anna Welch.


Crazy Kev and me. Photo courtesy of Anna Welch.



2 thoughts on “Day 31 The Official Arrival

  1. Well done Jen!!! Proud of ya mate! I’ve seen your posts popping up in my email feed, want to sit down after uni and read through all of them at once…so if some comments show up in a couple of weeks, it’s me…and well done putting all your posts up also. Ash looks lovely, call ya in 2-3 weeks…X Jane


    • Thanks Jane. Thanks for staying in touch too. I know you’d be snowed under at the moment…and I don’t envy you!! Good luck with it all. Looking forward to catching up when you are free.


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