Nomination for Australian of the Year

Yesterday I received a letter from the Australia Day Council informing me that I had been nominated for Australian of the Year! How awesome is that! I was really touched that the nominator/s thought I deserved such recognition for the fundraising I did. “You did a good thing,” Ash said.

I didn’t get progressed through to the state level, but it’s still really cool that I got nominated. I’ve nominated two people in the past and I know how much effort can go into the process, so I’m really flattered that the people who nominated me took time out of their busy lives to do the paperwork and send it in.

The hike I did continues to touch my life in many ways, which isn’t really something I thought about when I decided to do it. For example, I used the fitness I gained while hiking to start running when I returned home. I’ve become extremely fit since then and have lost almost 15kg since I embarked on the hike in 2016. I’m really proud of this because I always hated running.  Even as a kid I struggled to run even 50 metres and was forever getting called over first in red rover because I was an easy tag.  I’m still slow, but who cares! I can run 15km now without stopping. Ultra marathon here I come!



6 thoughts on “Nomination for Australian of the Year

  1. You inspire me everyday Jen, you are an awesome human being! You might not take out the Australian of the Year title but you will always be my hero!


  2. How very exciting to have been nominated and so well deserved, shame it didn’t go through further but you still did a fantastic thing by hiking you should be very proud 🙂


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