Hiking 385km for GBM

On the 15th of August 2016 I will be embarking on a solo hike from my home in Mt Perry to Toowoomba. The hike is 385km long and will take 28 days for me to complete. I will arrive in Toowoomba on the 14th of September.  Each road is in honour of one of the friends I lost to brain cancer. I would not have had the opportunity to know these great people if it wasn’t for my own diagnosis of cancer. Their lives continue to touch my own every single day.  This is the route I plan to take:

Road:Mount Perry Gayndah Road.  Walking in honour of Rohan Kenny.

Mount Perry



Road:A3   Walking in honour of Garry Knuckles Lawton

Ban Ban Springs                                                                       



Road:49   Walking in honour of Mike Gabriel

Goomeri via Manyung

Murgon via Flicks xing







Road:96   Walking in honour of Mick Keane




Barker Crk Flat

Road:A3   Walking in honour of Steve Harth



Upper Yarraman





Crows Nest








Mount Perry – Ban Ban Springs                                    = 4 days @ 17.5km →     70km

Ban Ban Springs – Booubyjan                                     = 2 days @ 13km →         26km

Booubyjan – Tansey                                                       = 3 days @ 13.3km →     40km

Tansey – Goomeri                                                           = 1 day @ 18km →           18km

Goomeri – Murgon                                                         = 1 day @ 16.9km →       16.9km

Murgon – Wondai                                                           = 1 day @ 14.9km →       14.9km

Wondai – Wooroolin                                                      = 1 day @ 13.4km →       13.4km

Wooroolin – Kingaroy                                                    = 1 day @ 17km →           17km

Kingaroy – Nanango                                                       = 2 days @ 12.5km →     24km

Nanango – Yarraman                                                      = 2 days @ 10.5km →     21.1km

Yarraman – Upper Yarraman                                       = 1 day @12.4km →        12.4km

Upper Yarraman – Cooyar                                            = 1 day @ 15km →           15km

Cooyar – Glenaven                                                         = 2 days @ 15km →         30km

Glenaven – Pinelands                                                    =1 day @ 13.6km →        13.6km

Pinelands – Crows Nest                                                 = 1 day @ 8.1km →         8.1km

Crows Nest – Hampton                                                 = 1 day @ 11.8km →       11.8km

Hampton – Carbarlah                                                    = 1 day @ 12.9km →       12.9km

Carbarlah – Toowoomba                                              = 2 days @ 10km →         20km


TOTAL                                                           28 days                    385.1km

                                                                                                            481 375 steps

Food for the Hike

These are the food caches that took much organisation to prepare. I estimate it took at least 50 hours to get this right. Everything was checked, checked and rechecked. There are seven caches in total (I still need to get boxes for a few of them. I will leave these at pre-arranged locations so I can collect the contents for the next section of the hike. Generally they are around 4 days apart.

caches hiking

This is how the caches started out

Food Hiking

The photo below is a typical provision pack for one day.

Breakfast is homemade muesli mixed with powdered milk, so all I have to do is ad water

Snacks are dried fruit, lollies, Carman’s muesli bar (it’s the most natural brand on the market) and soy chips

Lunch is 9 grain vita wheat with tuna and cheese

Dinner is pasta packet with dried vegetables.

The pasta packets and tins of baked beans are the only things that are a bit iffy in terms of nutritional quality, but I’ve only got 2 pasta packets over the entire journey and I think baked beans 3 times. I tried really hard to avoid too much processed stuff because I don’t like it and don’t want to spend the entire trip eating stuff I wouldn’t normally eat at home.

Daily provision Hiking

My Fowlers Vacola food dehydrator has been running overtime for a few weeks. I even cooked and dried my own spaghetti bolognaise! The next photo is the drier with some fruit ready to be taken out. I did around 20kg of it. The pineapple tastes amazing! The cores must be removed before drying because they go awfully hard and you can’t eat them. I blanched all the vegies prior to drying them. I actually won this drier in a raffle at my garden club years ago, so it only cost me $20. Bargain!

Apples Hiking